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A collection of Japanese style music materials to "move the emotions" of game players!

■Included data

 ・For RPG Maker[loop processing] ogg/160kbps

 ・For RPG Maker[loop processing] m4a/44.1khz/192kbps

 ・For UNITY [loop processing] wav/44.1khz/16bit

 ・For work/viewing [no loop processing] wav/44.1khz/16bit

Both RPG Maker and UNITY consist of "9 songs + 1 song without intro".


Sad, warm, and powerful, this work incorporates many impressive melodies.

The purpose of this music is to "give a sense of dynamism to the game and make players feel emotionally involved in the game.

These melodies can be used for game openings, cityscapes at dusk, reminiscing scenes, etc.

It is recommended for those who want to create their own unique world view.

Also included is a "Wav file without loop processing for viewing and working", so please enjoy it on your iPod or other devices.

 ■About the loop specifications of the songs

The songs in this product are recorded in one of the following two patterns.

1. loop specification where the song starts → ends → returns to the beginning

2. the beginning of the song → looping within a certain range from a certain point.

■How to use BGM

The assets folder is compressed into a ZIP file, so please right-click on the folder > click Extract All to extract it, or use decompression software.

In RPG Maker simply import the BGM by selecting " Tools" -> "Resource Manager " -> "Audio/BGM" -> "Import" -> "ogg file" and you can use it right away.

In Unity, after importing a Wav file, check the Loop box and play it.

■Handling BGM

This product may be used for game production, video distribution (Youtube, NicoLive), game promotional PV, and doujin works (audio dramas, etc.) with "no credit notation, commercial use permitted".

You may edit (cut, etc.) this product (Wav files for viewing, etc.) and use it in games and audio/video content.

Please note that this product is not compatible for use in adult works (18 prohibited).


We hope this product will be of help to you in your game production.


Buy Now$35.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $35 USD. You will get access to the following files:

【Japanese Style】 Game BGM Material Collection_vol1.zip 513 MB

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